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The Society of Primitive Technology

     As The Bulletin was produced, back issues were made available to new subscribers. By 1999, issues 1-12 were sold out. Rather than lose this content, it was decided to assemble all of the contents from these out-of-print issues into 2 seperate compilation volumes. That year, Primitive Technology: A Book of Earthskills was released by Gibbs Smith Publishers, followed in 2000 by Primitive Technology II: Ancestral Skills. Both books have remained in print, and are also available on-line as Kindle versions.

     We have also compiled the works of two of our past Society of Primitive Technology Presidents, Scott Jones and Steve Watts. Scott's book, A View To The Past was released in 2009 and Steve's Practicing Primitive followed in 2011. All 4 books have earned high marks and favorable reviews among the primitive skills set.


  Books are available here and Amazon.  




We are also very proud to support the efforts of Advisory Board Member Paul Douglas Campbell with his publication of three landmark books in the field of Experimental Archaeology. All three books are avilable at


      • Survival Skills of Native California

      • Earth Pigments and Paint of the California Indians: Meaning and Technology

      • The Universal Tool Kit: Out of Africa to Native California

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