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-Ethnohistoric Arrow Replication – Gene Fletcher 
-Bone Technology In The Pamunkey Project, Phase II:
-Replication and Field Experimentation – Norman Dean Jefferson
-Chisel Build-Along – Patrick Farneman
-Notes From An Aboriginal Cook – Merrily Johnstone
-Manufacturing Stone Disc Beads in the Tradition of the
-Prehistoric Southwest – Zack Curcija 
-No Sweat Bark Tanning – Samantha Moore
-Research Study: Evaluation of Bow String Sound Related to the Application of Fur Strips into the String – James Willer, Ph.D
-The Kalahari San Bushmen of Botswana – Tales from a Researcher and Guide – Nicole Apelian, Ph.D.
-The California Indian Willow Bow — How It Works, How To Make It and Why – Paul Campbell
-Do Sweet Acorns Still Need To Be Leached? – Arthur Haines
-Buckskin Skirts – Woniya Thibault
-Why Survival Skills ? – Christopher Nyerges 
-A Universal Toy – Roy H. Brown 
-A Unique Trap Trigger 
-The Underrated Digging Stick – Illustrated

Bulletin #47 - No Theme

  • Cover by Tom Nezbeda. Celebrating Primitive Technology. Bulletin #48 illustrates the current trend of interests following primitive technology efforts. Content ranges from solid skills to philisophical insights.

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