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-Unique Technology by Kirt Manning
-Why Primitive Skills by Kiliii Yu
-Skiing In The Shadow of Genghis Khan by Nils Larsen
-Rock Tripe: Food of Desperation by Larry Buege
-Neolithic Bone Beamers From Hungary by Markus Klek
-Frozen In Time: The Iceman Quiver by Guy R. Neal
-Wax Myrtle Candles by Steve Adams
-Tree Harvesting with Spontaneous Tools by Norm Kidder
-Punching a Hole in Blowgun Theories by Doug Meyer
-Bipolar Flakes by Daniel Dybowski
-Hexagonal Plaiting – The “Star”Weave Basket by Margaret Mathewson
-Miniature Atlatl by Dr. Leland Gilsen
-Stone Age Spear Throwers: Part 1 by Paul Campbell
-Basswood Bark Tumplines by Barry Keegan
-Hans De Haas – An Interview by Diederik Pomstra
-REARC Report by Mark Butler
-A Pretty Good Handle by Diederik Pomstra
-Final Journey, The Passining of Thorbjorn Petersen by Errett Callahan
-Gene Titmus, A Legendary Figure In Idaho Archaeology by James Woods

Bulletin #41- No Theme

  • Cover by Joshua Sage, NM. The atlatl contest held annually at Winter Count Primitive Skills Gathering in Maricopa, AZ. Atlatl contests have become available around the world through the efforts of the World Atlatl Association. One of the earliest – The World Atlatl Contest – evolved from one of the earliest primitive skills gatherings – The Fireside Folk Festival in Saratoga, Wyoming, ca. 1965. Primitive skills are exciting to a wide range of people and speak to the heart of our human connections.

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