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Immune System and Medicine in Primitive Times – James Willer, PhD
-Experiments With A Finger-Drill – Peter Groom
-Travis Collection: A Study of Projectile Point Mass Consistency – William R. Perkins -Just the Tip: Replication and Use of a Foreshaft – Bill McConnell with Dr. Craig Lee
-Research Study: Quantity of Sound Produced By Arrow – James Willer, PhD
-Plants Everywhere, But Not All Can Be Eaten – Christopher Nyerges
-Fishing Technologies At The Pamunkey Site – Phase II – Errett Callahan
-The Birch Bark Sheath- Revisited – Demonstration by Caren Larsson
-The Mammoth Cave Slipper – Revisited – Demonstration by Mike Tari
-Horn Working – By Vaughn Terpack
-Buckskin Babble Revisited, Again: An Interview with Dave Bethke and Mel Beattie 
-Joe Pratt’s Axe 
-Fire-by-Friction Methods of the Australian Aborigines – Dick Baugh 
-Nova Scotian Tree Tapping – Rosemary Wells 
-Reconstructive & Experimental Archaeology Conference Report – David Wescott

Bulletin #46 - No Theme

  • Cover by David Wescott. Replication, reproduction and experimentation are the majority of topics covered in Bulletin #46. Student papers on experimental work on Middle Woodland pottery give a glimpse of the future of experimentation on the university level.

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