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-Steppe By Step by Norm Kidder
-Experimental Home On The Prairie by Larry Kinsella
-The Neolithic Clapper-Ring Needle by Fabienne Medard and Toomaï Boucherat
-Prairie Grasses Used For Food By Native Americans by Randy J. Mercurio
-On The Trail of Geghis Kahn by Mori Costantino
-Gastroliths As Artifacts by Scott Jones
-Turkey Talk Tech On The Piedmont Prairie by Steve Watts
-Desert Grassland Conical Wickiup by Vince Pinto
–Prairies, Plains, and Stepps
-Habitat and Health by Lanie Johnson
-Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers Key to Modern Health Problems by Marc Smeehuijzen
-The Role of Wild Plants in Health Promotion by Arthur Haines
-Green Wood Carving With Stone Age Tools by Norm Kidder
-Documentation Strategies for Experimental Research by Bill Schindler
-The Production of Birch Pitch by Diederick Pomstra and Roel Meijer
-Splitting Twin Throwing Sticks by Luc Bordes
-A Deadfall Trap Trigger by Steve Watts
-The First Annual Buckeye Gathering by Genine Coleman & Rusty Sparks

Bulletin #40 - Plain, Prairie and Steppe

  • Cover by Mori Costantino, CA. From photos shot on a trip through Mongolia in 2008. See page 30 - On The Trail of Genghis Kahn for additional photos. September weaning of the foals means extra milk that could be fermented into aireg. By evening all the men were drunk on aireg and/or vodka and ready for a friendly wrestling match.

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