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-Speak To Us On The Ways Of The Willow: A Lesson In Learning How To Learn - Christopher Nyerges
-The Importance of Doing: Tossing Atlatl Darts in the Woods as Real Science - Paul Campbell
-Papua New Guinea’s Bows and Arrows- Dr. Ed Ashby
-A Stone Age Bow, String and Arrows From A Single Tree- Paul Campbell
-Momentum vs Kinetic Energy for Dummies, How A Traditional Bow Kills- Francois Squirra
-Bow and Arrow Efficiency- Richard A Baugh
-River Cane Fishing Gear- Doug Meyer
-Trident Rabbit Stick- Bruce Weidman
-Fire: A Tool To Tune and Craft Throwing Sticks and Boomerangs- Luc Bordes, France
-A Rabbit Stick From Stone Tools- Connor O Malley
-Fun With Cattails- The Whip Dart- Richard A Baugh
-Exploring A Pre-Aurignacian Wood-Based Culture- Kirt Manning
-A Simple Plaited Basket- Photos by Carrie Ryan, Text by Erin Adams
-Stone Age Spear Throwers- A Bibiliography- Paul Campbell

Bulletin #43 - No Theme

  • Cover by David Wescott, ID. Discovered in a dry desert cave was an ancient tool kit. Inside was found a tool made up of a pair of antlers bound end to end in a sleeve of buckskin. What exactly was its’ purpose? Through the testing of personal insights based upon years of experience, some noted flintknappers have been experimenting with one possible answer to the riddle. Pictured on the cover of Bulletin #43 is a photo of flintknapper, Greg Nunn demonstrating what is thought to be a possible use for the tool. His own reason for using it is that it combines the accuracy of pressure flaking with the force generated from percussion flaking.

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