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-Cooperation: Our Best Tool- Tracy Harrison
-A Call From The Wild For Primitive Beekeepers
-Rock To Which Legend Attaches: Flintknapping and Gaming- Richard Burrill
-Knapping Jasper, Agate and Chalcedony From The NE USA- Barry Keegan
-Amptoba: Pottery From A Chochtaw Perspective- Ian Thompson PhD, RPA
-Reconstruction Of A Late-Neolithic House Combining Primitive Technology and Science- Diedrik Pomstra and Anelou van Gijn
-Otzi The Iceman- A Unique Belt Attachment System- Graham Cole
-Leaf Boomerangs- Luc Bordes
-Clay Processing- Robert Wilson
-The Wringing Net- The Ultimate Wringing Technique For Small and Slippery Hides- Miguel de la iglesia Arevalo
-The Pleistocene Extinctions- Ken Fischman, PhD
-Friction Fire in Inclement Conditions- Patrick Farneman
-MEMBERS RESPOND - Reviews and Releases
-Black Walnut Rattle - Ken Peek
-Friction Fire Odds and Ends - Matt Hunt
-Chaga - Inonotus Obliquus - Corey Green

Bulletin #45 - No Theme

  • Cover by David Wescott. Reconstructive projects, international cultural arts and more. Bulletin #45 is a great example of the many facets of the Society of Primitive Technology.

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