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-The Basket As Teacher - Susan Labiste
-Splint Baskets of 7500-8000 Years Ago- Noriko Takamiya
-Tanning Of A European Bison Hide Using Ochre- Toomaî Boucherat
-Thermodynamics Of A Birch Bark Torch- Larry Buege
-The Digging Stick: Going Back To Your Roots- Steve Adams
-Wild Foods of The Upper Midwest Hardwoods Region- Zakarius Fittipaldi
-A Quick Light Flexible Atlatl and Dart Made With Expedient Stone Tools- Paul Campbell
-Substitutes For Tinder Fungus- Susan Labiste
-A Few Words on Figure 4 Deadfalls- Patrick Farneman
-An Expedient One Day Willow Bow- Paul Campbell
-The Tracks In Chauvet Cave: A Speculative Investigation- Ken Fischman, PhD
-The Hexagon, The Solstrice and The Kiva- Chris Hardaker
-A Cutting Edge: Creating A Steel Blade In A Primitive Setting- Patrick Farneman
-Sonoran Desert Hunting- Tom Wax
-MEMBERS RESPOND - Reviews, News and Responses
-More Concern For The SPT
-Sudanese Throwing Knives - Richard Hopkins
-Developmental Technology - The Dahl Roller

Bulletin #44 - No Theme

  • Cover by David Wescott. Some of the last published works of noted primitive skills author Paul Campbell. Developmental technologies, prehistoric replications and skills that range from sticks to bison.

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