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-Looking Closer at Basketmaker Atlatls and Darts by Chuck LaRue
-A Case For Southwestern Grooved Axes by David Holladay
-Response to Holladay by Larry Kinsella
-Southwest Drilling Techniques by David Holladay
-Response to Holladay by Larry Kinsella
-Prehistoric Trap Systems of Northern Arizona by Tony Nester
-A Natural Bucket by Paul Campbell
-Wooden War Clubs by Paul Campbell
-Ostrich Egg Canteens by Vincent Pinto
-Distilling Seawater: An Experiment by David Wescott
-Desert Plants For Hand-Drills  by Tom Wax
-The Wood That Sings by Diane Dittemore
-From Flint to Fish: A Stone Age Challenge by Steve Watts
-Primitive Bakery by Steve Watts
-From The Mighty Acorn: Teaching With Nuts by John Whittaker
-Fresh-Scrape Braintan Bucksin Tutorial by Patrick Farneman
-Ice Man Sheath, O BP by Daniel Firehawk Abbott
-Undercut Your Notch by Scott Kuipers
-Milestones and Skills Meets by Russell Cutts
-Three-Edged Knife by Steve Adams

Bulletin #39 - Desert Technologies

  • Cover by Thadeus Koster, OR. David Holladay using a stone-tipped hand-drill (p. 29) to drill a hole in a hand-ground piece of Arizona pipestone. The result will be a stone chillum, a stemless pipe used throughout the world. The image was captured at Winter Count 16, held in Maricopa, AZ. Hundreds of desert-related technologies were on display and taught at the week-long event.

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