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-Putting the Genes in Genius by Norm Kidder
-A Brain in a Box on a Shelf: The Need to Reconnect Kids with Nature by Thomas J. Elpel
-How To Bust A Nut by Bill McConnell
-Toggling Head Harpoons by Kiliii Yu
-2009 Kayak Build – Photo Essay by Patrick Farneman
-Stone Age Spear Throwers – Part 2 by Paul Campbell
-A Study of Traditional Throwing Stick and Boomerang Tuning by Luc Bordes
-The Teshoa Flake by Paul Campbell
-A One-Piece Medium-Length Inflexible Atlatl from a Single Bashed Stone by Paul Campbell
-Grass Ropes – The Human Rope-Making Machine by Thomas J. Elpel
-The Search For Cliff Agate Bog by John Olsen
-Bushmen Food Processing by Dr. Leland Gilsen
-The Miracle of Steel Heat Treatment by Dick Baugh
-A Quick Way to Make Mesolithic Archery Tackle by Diederik Pomstra
-A Deadfall Trap Trigger by Steve Watts
-Bark Flywheel Pump-drill by Barry Keegan
-Baskets & Mats / Twining & Coiling Posters by Errett Callahan
-It Only Takes A Spark by Doug Meyer
and more.

Bulletin #42 - No Theme

  • Cover by Mike Powell, ID A point, knapped by John Olsen, rests on a core from which its original flake was taken. The pattern in the point reflects perfectly the original pattern of its source stone. This bog stone is unique to the canyons of southern Utah, and the resulting points are just as unique to the prehistoric people of the area.

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