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-Tropical Prehistoric Florida by Robin Brown
-Tropical String, Cordage and Rope by Robin Brown
-The Key Marco Finds by Robin Brown
-The Key Marco Atlatl by Bob Perkins
-In Ages Past by Christopher Stills
-A Coconut Frond Basket by Doug Elliott
-Granite Spheres of Caño Island by Jonathan Miller Weisberger
-The Fire Piston by Wyatt R. Knapp
-Distribution of Oriental Fire Pistons by Henry Balfour
-The Ti Plant Called Ki by Dino Labiste
-Killing Meat Softly by Greg Weiss
-Fishing With Hawaiin Plants by Dino Labiste
-People of the rain Forest by Hazen Audel and Greg Weiss
-Sharkskin Rawhide by Dino Labiste
-Cultural Evolution by Thomas J. Elpel
-A New Look at Friction Fires by Berkley Walker
-The Role of Fire in the Domestication of Man by Al Cornell
-Threads, Ropes and Technical Approaches by Toomai Boucherat
-A Very Old Adventure by Toomai Boucherat
-Review of liveArch Guide by Maria-Louise Sidoroff
and more.

Bulletin #38 - Tropical Skills

  • Cover by Timothy Moore, FL. From a 20” x 16” oil painting. A Timucua fisherman examines his arrow prior to shooting at a fish in the tidal waters of northeast Florida. The arrowhead is secured to the shaft with pine resin and further secured by a binding of sinew. See more of Tim’s art at

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