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-Weston A Price: A Search for True Health by Ryan Koch
-Talking Nutrition with a Wild Man by Ryan Koch
-Paleolithic Nutrition and Primitive Skills by Tom Cartwright
-The Reality of Food in the Bush by Stuart Goring
-Evolution of Hunting Sticks by Steve Watts
-Indian Super Soil by Walter H. Mehring III
-Rabbit Sticks from Tidewater Virginia by Steve Watts
-What’s in Your Medicine Bag by Ryan Leech
-Ishi’s Recovery by Richard Burrill
-The Old Rag Symposium: A Discussion by Bill Schindler
-Interpreting Prehistoric Structures Through Modeling and Replication by Mark Butler
-Throwing Bird Hunting Sticks and Boomerangs by Luc Bordes
-Atlatl Technology: Some Further Reflections by Scott Jones
-Ozarks Lithics Project by Larry Kinsella
-One-Handed Bow-Drill by Tom Wax
-Education of a Flintknapper by Michael Frank
-Ramie Fiber String & Rope by Clayton Carter
-A Quickie Primitive Dart by Doug Meyer
-The Buffalo Penetration Test by Breck Crystal

Bulletin #37 - Health and Nutrition

  • Cover by T.T. Waterman, CA. 1914 - “Ishi about to release arrow.” Reprinted courtesy of Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology and the Regents of The University of California.

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