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-It’s Only a Game by Scott Jones
-A Serious Look at Fun and Games by Norm Kidder
-The Play Way by David Wescott
-Native California Toys and Games by Chuck Kritzon
-Da, Ka-nadagiza by Albert Abril
-Stick Dice by Norm Kidder
-Ghingskoot by Albert Abril
-Corn Cob Darts by Steve Watts
-Cedar and Cattail Doll by Chuck Kritzon
-Experimental Archaeology and Experiential Education Abroad by Henry Glick
-The Use of Open Air Museums in Archaeology by Roland Paardekooper
-Living Together: The Primitive Art of Social Interaction by Lynx Vilden 
-Tinders Compared: Using Three Different Methods of Fire-Making by Barry Keegan 
-Internal Friction of Bow Limbs by Dick Baugh 
-Best Bow-Drill Spindles by Michael Frank 
-Before Don Crabtree There Was Halvor Skavlem by John Whittaker 
-Making Petroglyphs at Bushy Hill by Erick Becker 
and more.

Bulletin #35 - Games and Amusements

  • Cover by David Wescott, ID. Traditional games using wooden "dice" are common throughout North America. Here are a variety of designs created by past SPT President Norm Kidder.

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