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-Honoring Woodslore by David Wescott
-Primitive Technology Papers
-Going Wild: Organizing a Primitive Living Experiment by Alice Tulloch
-Hearth and Home: An Experiment in Getting Close to our Roots by Keith Badger
-Putting the Wood in Woodcraft by Scott Jones
-Examining the “Combustion Point as it Relates to Fire by Friction” by Al Cornell
-The Miracle of Fire-by-Friction, Revisited by Dick Baugh
-Wild Smoke by Steve Adams
-Bow Drill Cordage by Tom Wax 
-Tracking as Inscribed Woods Lore by Keith Badger 
-Rocks in the Fire by Scott Jones 
-Using the Soft Hammerstone: The Tool of the West by Greg Nunn 
-Sculpting Soft Stone: Stone Age Incision, Abrasion, and Drilling Techniques by Storm 
-Southwest Style Primitive Pottery Workshop Photo Essay by Estabon 
-Lost in the Woods by Steve Adams 
-Blazes and Signs by Ernest Thompson Seton 
-Solar Navigation by Rob Bicevskis
-Improvised Blowguns and Darts by Douglas Meyer
and more.

Bulletin #34 - Primitive Woodslore

  • Cover by David Wescott, ID. - Paying homage to the master's tools - the axe and knife. Ground stone axe by Larry Kinsella (IL) and an obsidian knife by Ron Macy (OR). Even stone tools were advantages that primitive man used to wrest a living from the wilds. Woodslore, and an understanding of its associated tools is an essential foundation to all primitive technology.

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