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Among the Stones by Steve Watts
-Modern Megalithics by Scott Jones
-An Illustrated Megalithic Glossary by Steve Watts
-Calculating the Weight of Stone by Rob Roy
-Circles in Stone: Book Review by Steve Watts
-A Neolithic Love Affair by Rob Roy
-How to Find True North by Rob Roy
-Laying Out a Circle by Rob Roy 
-The Rabbitstick Stones Photos by David Wescott and Dr. Julian 
-Levers, Rollers, Stoneboats and A-Frames by Rob Roy 
-Like Stonehenge, But Smaller by Eric Becker 
-Sermons In Stone by Tom Mancke 
-America’s Stonehenge by Joanne Lambert 
-Flinknapping and Intuitive Mathematics by Steve Adams 
-Mesolithic Blade Production Workshop Photos by David Wescott 
-An Axe From a Boar’s Tooth by Diederik Pomstra
-Power Tools of the Lower Paleolithic by Steve Watts
-Really, Really Old Toe Bone Whistle by Goode Jones
-The Arctic/Sub-Arctic Strap Drill by Al Cornell
-Prehistoric Images and Medicines Under the Sea by Jean Clottes 
and more.

Bulletin #33 - Megalithics

  • Cover by David Wescott, ID. Skidding a 1-ton Montana Siltstone spire on lodgepoles. It worked great, but consider this stone as compared to the 20-ton Juliesteyna stone stood at Earthwood.

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