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-Homo sapiens: A Basket Case  
-How To Weave a Basket: A Primer by Norm Kidder
-Birch Bark Baskets by Dawn Russell Hinter
-Birch Bark Bucket/Container/Kettle by Caren Larson
-Miwok and Paiute Pedestal Baskets of Yosemite by Alice Tulloch
-Kiaha: O’odham Burden Basket by Albert Abril
-Pine Needle Baskets by Dawn Russell Hinter
-Construction of a Tule Mat Sleeping Pad by Susan Witmore 
-Coppicing: A Cultural Thread by Dino Labiste 
-Otzi’s Bow by Dick Bauch, Vittorio Brizzi, Tim Baker 
-Tame Hunter/Gatherers and Wild Food by Diederik Pomstra 
-Mesolithic Axe-Maker’s Workshop – Lejre Report by Steve Watts 
-The “Simple Hand-Drill Is Not So Simple by Al Cornell 
-Nuts About You by Linda Abbey 
-Candlewick Experiment by Kamber and Patrick Farneman 
-The Granary Experiment Revisited by Gillian E. Newell and Malia C. Hanshaw 
-Atlatl Darts: The Long and the Short of It by Scott Jones 
-The Sling in Medieval Europe by Chris Harrison 
and more.

Bulletin #31 - Basketry

  • Cover by Dr. Julien, OR. Goode Jones paddles in his buffalo hide-coverd bull boat or corracle - a floating basket of sorts - at Rabbitstick 2004. Once a balance point was found, it was surprisingly stable, although "What side do I paddle on?" was still an issue.

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