-Pumpkins by Alice Ross 
-Turning Back the Clock by Maria-Louis Sidoroff 
-Early Man from the American Museum of Natural History
-Picking up Pawpaws by Doug Elliot 
-Sweet Acorn Mush by Paul Campbell 
-Working with Black Walnuts by Thomas Stock 
-The Nutting Stone by Steve Watts 
-Persimmon Cuisine by Doug Elliot 
-Soapstone Bowls by David Allison 
-Bone Chisels by Steve Watts 
-Perforated Stone Slabs by Scott Jones 
-Primitive Cooking by Norm Kidder 
-Those Little Things by Tycho Holcomb 
-Drying Food by Molly Miller 
-A Pit Bake by Tamara Wilder 
-Earth Play-Camas Bake by She’om 
-An Oven of Mud and Straw by Scott Kuipers 
-Bread Ovens in Syria by Dr. Noor Mulder-Heymans 
-Time and Labor Economy – Part 2 by Alice Tulloch 
-Rat al Mesquite by Paul Campbell 
-Hand Fishing by Doug Elliot 
-The Fire Plow by Bart & Robin Blankenship
-Primitive Tanning Tips by Matt Richards 
-Spindle Coal Tech
-A Leaf-Shaped Biface by Paul Schweighardt 
-The Information Gatherers

Bulletin #13 - Foods and Cooking - SOLD OUT

  • Cover by David Wescott. A collection of articles that focus on the primitive art of food gathering and preparation. Contributions from noted southeastern primitive technologists. Bread oven experimentation from Syria and experience in the US.