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-Hunter-Gatherer Economics by Alice Tulloch
-The Archaeology of Economics by Thomas Ray
-The Economic Effect of Gambling Paul Campbell
-Ishi’s Robbery by Alice Tulloch
-Trapping: The Forgotten Provider by Chis Espenshade
-The Versatile Paiute Deadfall and Snare by Ricardo Sierra
-Why Economic Ecological Models Work by Dr. Leland Gilsen
-Kootenai River Project II: Part 1 & 2 by Lynx Vilden 
-Experiments With Mesoamerican Blade Production by Steve Adams 
-Otzi, The Iceman by Vittorio Brizzi 
-Kootenai River Project I: Part 6 by Lynx Vilden 
-Three-Edged Knife by Steve Adams 
-Building A Flexed-Pole Structure by Cameron H. Lanquement 
-Studying Finger Flutings by Kevin Sharpe & Leslie Van Gelder 
-Five-Centimeter Biface by Scott Jones 
-The Bow-Drill Revisited by Michael Frank  
-The National Museum of Prehistory, France by Jim Consler
-Dressing For Success by John Leeds 
-A Quartz Crystal-Tipped Hand-drill by Storm
-A Pottery Tutorial by Anthonio Akkermans

Bulletin #30 - Primitive Economics and Trade

  • Cover by David Wescott, ID. Game pieces made by Albert Abril (AZ). Photographed at a games workshop at Winter Count 2001 in anticipation of this issue of Bulletin #30. Simple tokens made from shell, bone, stone and wood have altered fortunes for centuries

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