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-Pitch Glue by Scott Jones
-Another Word on Pitch by Jergen Weiner
-Making Paint: Binders of Native California Paul Campbell
-Perceptual Blue – Color Insert  by Paul Campbell, © 2005
-Green and Blue Pigments of the Chumash by Paul Campbell
-Kootenai River Project II: Part 1 & 2 by Lynx Vilden 
-Experiments With Mesoamerican Blade Production by Steve Adams 
-Otzi, The Iceman by Vittorio Brizzi 
-Kootenai River Project I: Part 6 by Lynx Vilden 
-Fire-By-Friction With The Waoroni by Miguel (Ommene) de la Iglesia 
-Experimenting With Marcasite by Al Cornell 
-Making and Using a Fire Thong Apparatus by Barry Keegan 
-Choctaw Blowgun Darts by Douglas S. Meyer 
-Rat Root Revisited by Caren Larrson 
-Bag O’Fire by John Mein
-Get to Know Your Plant Families by Christopher Nyerges 
-Megalithic Pilgrimage by Steve Watts

Bulletin #29 - Adhesives, Paint and Finishes

  • Cover by Doak Heyser. Called the All American Man, this shield pictograph from Salt Creek, Canyonlands National Park, Utah is a fine example of the phenomenon of "perceptual blue." The "blue" was likely painted by the Anasazi people in the 13th or 14th century A.D. Paul Campbell's research into the subject is landmark in the field. We are fortunate that he chose Bulletin #29 for its publication.

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