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-Storage: An Overview by Norm Kidder
-Acorn Granaries of California by Norm Kidder
-A Granary Experiment by Michelle Wolfe
-Salt by Alice Tulloch
-Containers by Lynx Vilden
-Nature’s Containers: They Are Everywhere by Christopher Nyerges
-Primitive Pottery: A Pacific Northwest Perspective – Part 3 by Estabon
-Spruce Roots: Harvest and Preparation by Rebecca Brewer
-Primitive Pack Essentials by Steve Watts
-Public Education and the PaleoKit by Russell Cutts
-Bamboo Cookery by Tom Ray
-Manna From Mexico by Paul Decker 
-Applied Foraging by Steven Adams 
-Edible Blue Camas: Staple Food of the West by John Kallas 
-Blades and Blade Technology by Steve Adams 
-Experimental Arrow Durability & Impact Test by Jack Cresson 
-Native Stone, Bone, Antler and Hide by Cameron Smith 
-Wet-Scrape Buckskin: The Soap Soak Method by John Leeds 
-An Intimate Cultural Exchange by Norm Kidder
-Principles of Rabbitstick Flight by Paul Campbell

Bulletin #28 - Storage, Containers & Storable Food

  • Cover by David Wescott, ID. The classic rawhide storage container, known as the parfleche, is an icon of portable storage in North America. Such bags were used to store dried meat, and traded widely or given as gifts. Courtesy of The Museum of Idaho and the Shoshone-Bannock Tribal Museum.

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