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-The Yaak River Hunting Project by Alice Tulloch
-“Hunting” The Suburbs by Jeff Gottlieb, MS
-Stalking the Wild Grasshopper by David Holladay
-The Blowgun As A Hunting Tool by Douglas S. Meyer
-The Ugly Bow: How To Make A Bow From Bamboo by Randal S. Kinkade 
-A Foolproof Method For Tillering Bows by Richard Baugh 
-The Rattlesnake Skin Backed Bow by Joe Dabill 
-How To Make a Pretty Darn Good Atlatl by Scott Jones 
-A Peruvian Atlatl by John Whittaker 
-Making An Iceman-Style Sheath by Steve Adams  
-The Bare-Handed Basket by Norm Kidder
-A Smale-Scale Study on Plant Harvesting by Don Kluever 
-Strengthening Gourd Containers by Goude Jones 
-The Tribulum or Threshing Sedge-Response to Frank Dayton In #26 by Barry Keegan 
-People and Things by David Wescott 
-Members Respond To Jurgen Weiner’s “Friction vs. Percussion” – In #26

Bulletin #27 - Hunting Technologies

  • Cover by Alice Tulloch, CA. The campsite of the Yaak River Hunting Project. Details of the camp blend so well into the foliage that it makes this photo a primitive version of "Where's Waldo" How many different technologies and artifacts can you identfy in camp? Look carefully...this issue is about hunting.

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