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-Friction vs. Percussion by Jurgen Weiner
-Effective Fire Building and Maintenance by Danny August
-A Friction Fire Inquiry: Hand-drill by Storm
-Use Your Head To Make Wet Weather Fires by Jim Riggs
-Ready for a Rainy Day: A Study of Weather Impacts by Alice Tulloch 
-Making a Spruce Bark Canoe In The Wilderness by Jim Dina, et. al. 
-Winter Canoeing by Jim Miller 
-Daily Life – The Kootenai River Project, Part 3 by Lynx Shepherd 
-Desert Hygiene by Danny August 
-Finding Water by David Holladay 
-A Few Curious Cases of Hide and Seek by John Leeds 
-War Clubs of Oceania by Steve Watts 
-Primitive Pottery: A Pacific Northwest Perspective by Estabon 
-Clay Bell Hide Smoker by Goode Jones
-Update on Archeon by Errett Callahan 
-Books and Videos by David Wescott 
-North American Wilderness Instructors Association by Ricardo Sierra 
-Escape To The Wilderness by Errett Callahan 
-Nature as Wallpaper by Thomas J. Elpel

Bulletin #26 - Living With The Weather

  • Cover by David Wescott, ID. A variety of designs and materials can be utilized to make snow goggles. Not only do they cut the glare from the snow, but some say the slits help the wearer focus in areas with expansive horizons. Made by David Wescott and Steve Watts (lower left )from oak, pine, poplar bark and spruce.

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