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-Living Archaeology, Anadromous Fish, and Middle Woodland Indians by Bill Schindler
-Primitive Fishing Methods by Scott Kuipers
-Ticklin’ Trout by Mark P. Radz
-Fishing Related Excerpts – Catawba Hunting, Trapping and Fishing by Frank Speck
-Backwater Lakes by Steve Watts 
-Bark “Log” Fish Trap by Steve Watts 
-Bamboo Fish Spear by Mike Frank 
-One-Piece Antler Harpoon Point by Steve Watts 
-A Speculative Fishing Kit by Hawk Clinton 
-Primitive Fish Hooks by Steve Watts 
-Spears, Weirs, and Traps by Norm Kidder 
-Primitive Fishing Line Floats by Steve Watts 
-Fishing Poisons by Chuck Kritzon 
-Ajumawi Fish Traps by Dino Labiste 
-Primitive Fishing Staff/Stringer by Steve Watts 
-Making and Using a Willow Fish Trap by Barry Keegan 
-The Yucca Casting Net by Bart Blankenship 
-The Snapping Turtle: Chelydra serpentine by Jeff Gottlieb 
-Gather Fresh Asparagus, Broccoli, and Corn From Cattails by John Kallas 
-An Introduction to Bird Tracks by Mark Elbroch 
and more.

Bulletin #25 - Fishing Technologies

  • Cover by Bart Blankenship, CO. Evening brings a new run of luck and food. The cast net is highly refined technology that brings together a variety of skills and knowledge to master. Following Bart's lead is a challenge that every SPT member can rise to.

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