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-Domestication of The Species by Steve Watts
-Was Agriculture a Good Idea by Norm Kidder
-Fire and The Traditional Garden by Jim Dina
-Antlers In The Garden by Steve Watts
-Planting For The Future by Clayton Brascoupe
-Mortar and Pestle by Paul Campbell 
-Primitive Gourdcraft by Scott Jones 
-Silviculture by Errett Callahan 
-Subsistence Patterns
-The Adventure Of Learning About Wild Foods by Christopher Nyerges 
-Food Sources of The Kootenai River Project by Lynx Shepherd 
-Primitive Traveling Kit by Matt Graham 
-Pottery Firing in Peru by Maria-Louise Sidoroff 
-How to Paint a Mammoth by Chuck Kritzon 
-A Pigment Processing Slab by Sophie A. De Beaune 
-The Burial Mound Project by Steve Watts
-This Old House by Michael Litchford 
-Notes On Fire by Vince Pinto
-Knapping Notes by Jack Cresson 
-The Tsirk Challenge by Errett Callahan
-Tie One On In The Wild by Jim Miller
-Elder: A Useful Tree Found Worldwide by Christopher Nyerges
and more.

Bulletin #24 - Gifts From The Earth

  • Cover by David Wescott, ID. Earth pigments are refined and collected onto these unique stone pallets, made from local rocks by Goode Jones (OR). From top -Achokecherry ''brush'' capable of applying two sizes of line; basalt pallet with copper sulfate pigment (from Europe); sandstone pallet with red ochre; and a metamorphic pallet with yellow ochre.

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