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-I Built a Stone Age House by Jay Anderson
-Lejre Today by Janet Snyder
-Butser Ancient Farm by Jay Anderson
-Welcome to Butser Ancient Farm by 
-The Beginnings–Living Archaeology or Applied Technology by Jay Anderson 
-The Pamunkey Indian Museum Displays by Errett Callahan 
-An Interview With Hans de Haas by Steve Watts & Dave Wescott 
-Hans de Haas: The Gentle Giant by Errett Callahan 
-Conducting Lithic Experiments by Jacques Pelegrin
-German Experimental Archaeology by Jurgen Weiner & Karen Drechsel 
-Old Scotness Broch In The Shetland Islands by Alice Tulloch 
-Fish Skin As A Prehistoric Material by Lucy Williams & Dr. Linda Hurcombe 
-Fish Skin Bags by Jim Miller 
-Smashing Success: Pleistocene Lithic Replication by Scott Jones
-The Kootenai River Stone Age Living Project by Lynx Shepherd 
-Paleolithic Lamps and Their Specialization: A Hypothesis
       by Sophie A. De Beaune
I Belong To This Country by Dick Baugh 
-Future Camps: One Model and more.

Bulletin #23 - International Projects

  • Cover by Bruce Prior, MT. Doug (Digger) Crist uses local clay and primitive technology to make a much-needed cooking vessel. The Kootenai River Project is included in this issue as a fine example of some of the experimental archaeology / living archaeology / primitive technology projects that are taking place around the world.

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