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The Fire by Steve Watts
-The Hand-drill Fire by Paul Campbell
-Mastering The Hand-Drill by Chris Nyerges
-The Hand-Drill Revisited by David Wescott
-Hand-Drill Fires for the Wee Folk by Danny August 
-Tried and True Bow-Drill Materials from the S.E. by Steve Watts 
-Some Uses of Fire by Norm Kidder 
-At The Hearth of Aboriginal Australia by Denise Ellen Ashman 
-Small-Scale Thermal Alteration by Scott Jones 
-A Burned Flint Experiment by Errett Callahan 
-A Small-Scale Primitive Pottery Firing Strategy by Steve Watts 
-Steam Bending Wood by Norm Kidder 
-Arrow Straightening by Dick Baugh
-Gnawing Desire: The Role of Beavers in Prehistoric Culture by Scott Jones
-Drilling Technology by Jeff Gottlieb 
-A New Idea: Compression-Hafted Drill by David Holladay 
-Compression Hafted Knife by Jack Cresson 
-Wooden Billets by Jack Cresson 
-Wooden Pressure Flakers by Scott Jones 
-Brain Tanned Buffalo Hides by Marcus Klek
-Micro Blade Knapping by Hugo Nami
and much more.

Bulletin #22 - Fire and Its Uses

  • Cover by Steve Watts, NC. Fire magically leaps from the door of the new cattail house at the Scheile Museum's Center for Aboriginal Studies. Students Fred and Marty Hoerr and Marty Robb share the spirit of the campfire.

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