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The State of Flintknapping by Jack Cresson
-The Grey Ghosts of Gustine by Joyce Ann Harwood
-Bryan Rinehart’s Tools and Home by Errett Callahan
-Quarry Spalling: The Fine Art of Massive Fracture by Scott Jones
-A Short History…of the Short History …of a Slate Knife by Steve Watts 
-How a Chumash Cert Knife Was Constructed by Joe Dabill 
-Points of Light, Dreams of Glass: An Introduction to Vitrum Technology by Ray Harwood 
-Lithic Challenge by Alice Tulloch 
-The Hoko Knife by Dick Baugh 
-A Stone Point Testimonial by Tom Ranney 
-The Versatile Leaf Point by Steve Watts 
-Archeological Evidence of Rotator Cuff Injury by Errett Callahan
-Replication, Use and Repair of an Arrowhead by Peter Kelterborn 
-Just Scraping By: Beyond the Biface Bias by Scott Jones 
-Striking Flakes From a Core – Direct Percussion by Steve Watts 
-Quickie Rawhide Burden Basket by Goode Jones 
-Hide-Stretch Lacing Method by Goode Jones 
-Scandanavian Bark Shoes: Birchbark vs. Basswood and more

Bulletin #21- Lithic Technology

  • Cover by Mike Peters, NC. A collection of hafted and unhafted knives, spear points, handaxes, drill points, blades and choppers created by past SPT President Steve Watts, As Watts states, "The stone age is the great common denominator of mankind", It's also a crossroads for the many skills we teach and practice through the SPT,

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