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Living History as Research by Jay Anderson
-Construction and Sailing Characteristics of a Pre-Columbian Raft Replica 
     by Cameron Smith and John Haslett
-Bamboo Raft Project by Steve Watts
-Building a Birch-Bark Canoe by Jim Miller
-Travel Among California Indians by Paul Campbell 
-Putting on the Miles: A Test of Traditional Sandalwear by Matt Graham 
-Legends of the Fall Line: Geography of Transportation by Scott Jones 
-A Rawhide and Willow Burden Basket by Steve Watts 
-Horse Transportation on the Northern Plains by Lynx Shepherd 
-Experiments With Danish Mesolithic Microblade Technology by Errett Callahan
-Evidence Supporting the Use of the Atlatl as a Primary Procurement Weapon of Prehistoric   
     America by William R. Perkins 
-Bark Tanning by Matt Richards 
-Bipolar Percussion by Steve Watts 
-The Promentory Peg by George Michaud 
-Bark-Tan Babblings Revisited by Matt Richards 
-Walking With Ishi by Joyce Ann Harwood
-Fire-by-Friction Methods  and more

Bulletin #20 - Transportation

  • Cover by S. Tyler Young- The SPT is proud to have been chosen to display this fine experimental project. The four seasons of construction and salling yielded a vast amount of data that is still being synthesized. For additional information including trip reports, archeologlcaI research, updates, etc. see Cameron Smith's website at: manteno/.

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