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-Clothing, Footwear, and Adornment by David Wescott
-Marks of Identity – by Maria Louise Sidoroff
-The Cedar: Peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast by Caren Larrsen
-A Basin Sage Brush Skirt and Top by Evard Gibby 
-Felting By Hand by Jack Fee 
-The Rabbit Skin Blanket by Paul Campbell 
-Iceman’s Shoes by Charles Spears
-Ft. Rock Cave Sage Brush Sandals by Steve Alleley 
-Early Woodland Vegetal Fiber Slippers by Joan Miller 
-Rivelins, Pampooties, and Brogues by Alice Tulloch 
-Basic Footwear of the Southeastern Tribes by Guy Darry Wood 
-Learn The Drill by Scott Jones
-Observations at a Pottery Firing by Maria Louise Sidoroff
-Bark-Tan Babblings by Alice Tulloch
-Recreating Missing Tools by Harry B. Iceland and Jessica S. Johnson 
-Processing Deer – Using The Whole Animal by Lynx Shepherd 
-The Manzanita by Christopher Nyerges 
-Trash Mulberry Tree Fibers by Charles Spears 
-Tanning Using Soy Lecithin Granules - John Yost
-Survival Pressure Flakers by Barry Keegan

Bulletin #19 - Clothing

  • Cover by Darry Wood, NC. This striking cover illustrates the idea of mixing fashion and function. These Seminole-style moccasins, made by the photographer, are the culmination of the development of generations of footwear and show how these developments have been preserved in time.

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