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-The Old Rag Archaeology Project by Steve Watts
-What Do We Learn From Building Houses by David Wescott
-Shelter: A Continuum of Simplicity by Paul Campbell
-Earthlodge II by Scott Jones
-Learning At The Hearth: Applied Primitive Skills by Steve Watts
-Lower Catawba River House Project by Steve Watts
-Methodology and Documentation by Errett Callahan
-Neophytic Notes on Fire by Alan Mounier
-Selecting Bow-drill Components by Christopher Nyerges
-Friction Fire For the Downhearted by Jim Allen
-Ishi Sticks by Errett Callahan
-Atlatl Spurs by Ray Stischek
-Intuitive Physics by Nicholas Chambers
-Notes on an Unusual Game String by Henry Koerper
-Tribute to John P. Pfeiffer 
-Greens of Winter by Violet Snow
-Tails in Time by Jim Miller
-Northern Arrowwood by Paul Trotta
-Closing the Triangle: A Quest for Rapa Nui

Bulletin #18 - House Building

  • Cover by Maria Louise Sidorolf, NJ. An autumn fire warms the heart of the Mauitoga Nature Center bark wickiup. Although the status of the structure was unknown at this time, at one time it was the center piece of a noted interpretive program. House building projects can be highly scientific or practical experiences.

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