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-The String Revolution by Maria-Louise Sidoroff
-Quality Public Education by Hank Buchmeyer
-The World is Tied Together by Christopher Nyerges
-The Ties That Bind & The Bindings That Tie by Norm Kidder
-Yucca Leaf Lashing by Steve Watts
-Looped String Bags by Bonnie Montgomery
-Androgynous Objects Book Review by Deborah Harding
-Agave & Yucca: Part 2 by Albert Abril
-Useful Roots and Fibers of the Cabbage Palm by Mark Butler
-Dogbane (Apocynum species) by Jeff Gottlieb
-Making Fast Cordage by John Leeds
-U’kuyus Basketry by Allice Tulloch & Judith Polanich, Ph.D.
-Serilla’s Chuspa: A Bolivian Textile by Susy Suárez
-The Hohokam Cotton Industry by Barbara Gronemann
-Southeastern Indian Rivercane Blowgun by Steve Watts
-The Function of Shell Temper in Pottery by Michael K. Budak
-Flintknapper’s Syndrome by Errett Callahan & Gene Titmus
-The Bow From Stellmoor: Oldest in the World by Ragnar Insulander
-Fish Poison by Paul Campbell
- And more.

Bulletin #17- Fibers - SOLD OUT!

  • Cover by David Wescott. The simplicity of making cordage from plant fibers is caught in stark contrast to the sophisticated methods used to create modem textiles. Lynx Shepherd at Winter Count, AZ 1999. Bulletin #17 presents information on fibers ranging from cotton to dogbane, wool to yucca.

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