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-A Worldwide Guide To Nature’s Foods by Christopher Nyerges
-A Developing Gathering Ethic by Steven Edholm and Tamara Wilder
-Mega-Plants by Scooter Cheatham
-Small Seeds by Alice Tulloch
-Staff of Life by Christopher Nyerges
-Orno Experiment by David Holladay
-Sugar and Salt by Paul Campbell
-Sweet Tooth: Best Wild Food Sugars and Desserts by Christopher Nyerges
-The Great Agave Hunt by David Holladay
-Yucca and Agave by Albert Abril
-Thigh-Rolled Cordage by E.J. Pratt
-Stay Clean: Nature’s Most Useful Soaps by Christopher Nyerges
-Deep Roots by Scott Jones
-California Digging Sticks by Paul Campbell
-The Story of Kudzu by William Shurtleff & Akiko Aoyagi
-Simple Weaving Technique by John Leeds
-Plants of the Gods by Maria-Louise Sidoroff
-Cutting Cattails by Steve Watts
-Birch Bark Basket by John Yost
-Hunting with Primitive Bows by Chris Morasky
-Observations On Goatskin by Vaughn Terpack
-The Back and The Beam by Vaughn Terpack
-And More

Bulletin #16 - Useful Plants

  • Cover by John Hillers (BAE Film Catalog #1610R), official photographer for the second Colorado River Expedition led by John Wesley Powell (1872-1872). Euler's photo notes report: "Kiabab...note the variety of baskets, the one being twined, and the raw materials. The wickiup appears as well made as any inhabited by the Southern Paiute." From the National Archives collection.

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