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-Circumpolar People-DUODJI – Sami Handicrfats by Gunvor Guttorm-Sami Birch Bark Work by D. A. Torma-Sapmi: Land of the Sami by Lynx-Building A Lavvu by Nathan Muus-The Sami Ghoatti by D. A. Torma-Sambe Winter Boots by Lynx-A Northern Birch Bark Lodge by Brent Ladd-Open Hearth Fire in a Wigwam by Danny August-Fire in the Boreal Forest by Mors Kochanski-The Fenno-Ugrian Two Wood Bow by Ragnar Insulander-Camper’s Pampers by Doug Elliot-The Roycroft Snowshoe by Mors Kochanski and T. A. Roycroft-Feathers, Fashion, and Food by Jill Oakes-Keewatin-Style Footwear by Jill Oakes-Building Igloos by Christof Hagen-Survey of A West Greenland Kayak by Wolfgang Brink-Care and Storage of Hides by Steven Edholm and Tamara Wilder-Northern Skills Head South by Scott Jones-Primitive Weapons by Scooter Cheatham-Hafting Methods by Virgil Hayes-The Sled by Jim Miller-Gathering Your Own by Vince Pinto-A Digueno Sandal by Paul Campbell

Bulletin #14 - Northern Skills - SOLD OUT!

  • Cover by Tur Lunberg (Sweden). Technologies from the boreal north, the Sami of northern Scandanavia, as well as footwear and  watercraft from the icebound Inuit. The people of the circumpolar regions share many skills and hold others that are unique to their culture. Bulletin #14 was a very popular issue.

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